Voter Turnout


EVERY Christian votes…

1. BY ABSENCE – Simply abdicating God’s authority to the enemy by not going to the polls.

2. WITH CARELESSNESS – Voting selfishly for personal gain, benefit or wordly philosophy.

3. AS GOD’S STEWARD – Voting in EVERY election. In EVERY race with a Biblical Worldview.

1. Beginning Sunday, October 14 – include announcements from the pulpit, on projection screens, in church bulletins, social media and using posters to begin awareness of upcoming election. Place special emphasis on the convenience of early voting (October 22 – November 2).

2. Three weeks prior to election – set up a voter awareness table to be staffed by the designated Ministry team to provide early voting information, voting locations and voter guides (information will be available through the Texas Pastor Council office).


As many as ONE HALF of voters cast their ballot during Early Voting in current Texas elections, so it is VERY IMPORTANT to
inform and charge your congregation prior to that start date of October 22 and all the way through the November 6 election!

3. Two weeks prior to election – Preach an “Election Sermon” as done by preceding generations of pastors, giving Scriptural and Historical basis for choosing godly leaders (Sample sermon notes and audio tapes available).

4. Day prior to election – Send a broadcast e-mail, text and/or video to church list with a special Get-Out-The-Vote message by the Senior Pastor and links to non-partisan voter education information (Sample text available).

5. Election Day – Initiate automated phone calls with a Get-Out-The-Vote script recorded by the Senior Pastor, calling through the entire church list prior to Election Day (Sample script and automated calling support available).

…our VOTE is our ACT of delegating GOD’S authority to a fellow citizen to serve HIS designed purpose of earthly civil government.(Matt. 28:18, Romans 13:1-11)