Voter Registration


The Texas Pastor Council has launched Phase One of “This Church Votes!” by encouraging churches of every
denomination to register all eligible voters within their congregation during the month of September.

As an average, less than half of church going citizens cast a vote in each election – 30% to 50% are not even registered!

Being an ELIGIBLE voter simply means you are a born or naturalized American citizen who is 18 years of age or older
and have not been disqualified due to a felony conviction or other reason.

Being a REGISTERED voter is the process by which your eligibility is certified and you are recognized by the
local, state and federal election system as qualified to vote in an assigned precinct and series of districts.

Texas Turnout and Voter Registration Figures
Texas Turnout and Voter Registration Figures 2014
The voter registration process assures that the only votes counted for each position on the ballot are for those qualified to vote in that race. For example:

A voter who lives in Texas Congressional District 7 is not and should not be able to vote in Texas Congressional District 8 – or any other district – and the voter registration list also assures that people vote only for those positions relevant to where they live (precinct, city, county , state).

2018 Texas General Election Key Dates

Tuesday, October 9 – Last day to register to vote for November 6 Election

(Voter registration card must either be received by county office or postmarked before this date.)


Sunday, September 23
Sunday, September 30
Sunday, October 7

1. For Citizenship Sundays, include announcements from the pulpit, in church bulletins, on projection screens and
websites to enhance awareness of the upcoming election and October 9 voter registration deadline.

…also point out that people need to register if they:

Moved their residence since the last election
Have not voted in the past two presidential elections
Changed their name (marriage, etc.)
Turned 18 years of age

2. Set up a voter awareness table in the foyer of your church to provide eligibility requirements, voter registration applications,
voter guides and voting locations. Voter registration forms can be acquired from the county voter registration office
or state ( election office in sufficient quantity based on church membership size or attendance.

3. Implement one or more of the Church Voter Registration methods described in Christian Citizenship 101 provided and
available at and!

…our VOTE is our ACT of delegating GOD’S authority to a fellow citizen to serve HIS designed purpose of earthly civil government.(Matt. 28:18, Romans 13:1-11)